“I have been going to davids PT sessions for just over 8 weeks now and have lost over 1 stone but more importantly i can definitely see a change in my body shape. David makes you feel at ease and is not there to judge you, as david has been in the situation before where he has needed to lose weight and been unfit. I find this inspiring and motivating how he has turned his life around and now wants to encourage others to do the same. i have tried many "diets" and attempts to get fit over the past few years but have stuck to davids PT because it is enjoyable and am getting the results i want ”

Natasha C

“David is an inspiration to us all, he's been where we have all been at some point feeling like the bottom and look where he is now. He has helped me get to a much healthier and motivated person helping me lose 30kg in the last year, i couldn't recommend him enough”

Sam F

“I have a long term health condition and i take daily medication which causes joint pain and stiffness. Before i started training with david 9 months ago my stiffness was so bad i needed help to get out of bed some days and was seriously contemplating walking with a stick. This was really bad for my self esteem and mental well being as i'm only in my mid 40s. Since training with David that has changed completely. I have the odd twinge but nothing that stops me being fully active and most importantly i don't feel like a"sick" person. David has motivated and encouraged me 100% of the time and he's always available to advise”

Deborah S


“I chose to work with David at Hidden Potential in preparation for a holiday to Malta with my family. He even put together a program that i could do while on holiday which was amazing. Would Definitely recommend David to anyone.”

Terry I

“As a BJJ black belt I am consistently traveling and competing against the best athletes in the world. Since working with David I have Noticed significant improvements to my strength and endurance levels, He knows his stuff!”

Ben Fletcher 

CVA BJJ Head Coach

“Im a working mum of 2, it's not always easy finding time to get to a gym. David was very flexible and did his best to work around me. He came up with a great session plan and gave me the confidence and motivation to keep working towards my goals”

Stephanie S